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If you liked this post, please share:

If you’re not using SlideShare as part of your social media marketing efforts, you should be. The rise of visual content marketing makes it even more relevant now than ever before.  Here are 4 reasons you should be active on SlideShare:

1. Traffic. SlideShare is a powerful online community with more than 60 million monthly visitors. And these are businesspeople searching for information and resources. They don’t care about pictures of your cat.

2. Content. SlideShare users now post videos and just about anything else that you can save as a PDF — papers, fact sheets, infographics, etc. Not only can you market yourself or your company, but you can also find great stuff, too.

3. Knowledge Expert. SlideShare is a great way to establish yourself as a knowledge expert in your field.  Do a search of keywords that relate to your area of knowledge and see if anything good shows up. If nothing does, get busy.

4.  Leads.  At the paid Pro level, SlideShare has a feature that lets you include sales lead forms at the end of your documents.  You can also use these forms to encourage people to sign up for your enewsletter or blog. For $19 a month, it’s worth it, plus you get access to analytics.

Bonus:  SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, so you can also share documents through your LinkedIn profile. Check out mine.

I have to admit that I’ve only dabbled in SlideShare.  But I’m encouraging many of my clients to establish individual and company accounts.  And I love the emails SlideShare sends to me each week with the top viewed presentations. Some of them are really creative.

And I get that some of you might be reluctant to share your presentations, especially if you make a living as a speaker or trainer.  But what the heck?  Nobody can present your information better than you, right?  Plus, generosity usually leads to success.

If you’re nervous about it, you might want to post modified or abbreviated presentations.  Or re-purpose content from an article or whitepaper into a short presentation. Just remember that unless you add a voiceover (which you can do in SlideShare), viewers need to be able to understand it just by looking at it.

What are you waiting for?

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